There is life after change!

It’s funny how they say when one door closes another one opens, and in my experience that is very true. I think sometimes in life we have to let go...

12 02 2020 / Posted by Judith
Why Exactly Is Your Branding So Important?

Your brand is not just your logo, it’s a story that is always being told. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room....

03 06 2019 / Posted by Judith
How Smells Can Boost Your Productivity

Smell is one of the most potent of our senses. Smells can be linked to feelings and memories. Has a particular smell ever stirred a memory in your head? Perhaps...

17 04 2019 / Posted by Judith
Why You Need A Reality Board For Your Business

You hear them called different things. Mood Boards. Dream Boards. Inspiration Boards. Vision Board. I call mine a Reality Board because it’s my reality. A reality I’m imagining, creating and...

18 03 2019 / Posted by Judith
Crystals You Can use To Improve Your Workplace

Your workplace as a business owner is one of the key areas for success. If you don’t have a positive workplace, then very little positive output is going to occur....

20 02 2019 / Posted by Judith
Passport 2 Success Working Alongside Community Foundation For Calderdale

Judith Wright, the Managing Director of Wright Angle Marketing (WAM) and Passport 2 Success, a product of WAM, is pleased to announce that they will be working alongside Community Foundation...

25 01 2019 / Posted by Judith
5 top tips for your social media strategy

Social media is so important today, and it’s not just in your personal lives, but also in your work and business life too. Each day we consume 8 hours of...

10 01 2019 / Posted by Judith
Are you wanting to make 2019 your year in business?

If you are thinking of starting a business or are already a business owner...then this challenge is for you. I’m running another Five M’s F Off Challenge on the 7th...

24 12 2018 / Posted by Judith
Seventeen Year Old Marketing Agency Creates Lifeline For Small Businesses

Seventeen years ago when Judith Wright set up Wright Angle Marketing, little did she know that not only would her business survive, but that it would thrive. The failure rate for...

24 10 2018 / Posted by Judith
Interview With The Personal Transformation Project

This is my interview with The Personal Transformation Project. Go check them out at

03 08 2018 / Posted by Judith