Crystals You Can use To Improve Your Workplace

20 February 2019 / By Judith

Your workplace as a business owner is one of the key areas for success. If you don’t have a positive workplace, then very little positive output is going to occur. Fortunately, there are different crystals which can help you create the perfect workplace and help you get exactly what you’re looking for out of your business.

Crystals are a powerful way to ensure that your workplace is staying clear and bright, which ultimately can help bring forward a sense of ease and balance into your work life and productivity.

As I mention a bit further into the blog, there’s a huge variety of crystals all of which have different characteristics, flavours, properties etc. All I recommend is using your intuition when choosing which crystals are best for your workplace, certain crystals may be more appealing to you.

There’s a number of crystals that have different effects on your business and there’s a huge variety of them to cover! It depends entirely on what you’re looking for as a business owner:

Pyrite is wealth and abundance. This stone helps you generate wealth from one’s own power to own hand, so it’s perfect if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur. It helps shield against any negative energy that may be present in your workplace.

Citrine (also known as the merchant stone) is the success and prosperity crystal. This is one that you need to keep close to your money so it multiplies! Not only that but this stone is full of positive sun energy and a happy vibe in any business attracts positive outcomes.

I understand that the lack of motivation can be difficult, especially when things are going the way they should be. If this is an issue for you then you need the Carnelian gem. This sparks action and movement and pushes towards your next step. You cannot sit back and wait for success, you need to go out and find it. the Carnelian gem guides you with the proper action you need to take and helps you take that next step.

Not only that, but it helps you over come that fear of failure which we all have and give you that kick you need to stay driven.

Time as a business owner is hard to come by and if you’re strapped by time and sometimes it feels like you need to pull more time from somewhere else. If this is you, then Lapis Lazuli is a great stone to turn to for this problem.

It stimulates the mind and will lend you the ability to learn, comprehend and get to work when you need to. It improves your intuition so you can prioritise better and helps guide your business to see clearer and organise your time better.

The last thing you want is bad reviews from customers because it can really get you down. Unfortunately, there are very few ways to change someone’s opinion but one thing you can change is how you react to their attitude. What Amazonite lets you do is handle criticism with grace, take in what you need and leave the rest behind. This crystal works as a filter and helps you find the truth in what those around you are saying.

There are many others to choose from, for example there’s Rose Quartz which uplifts your spirit and allows you to forgive negativity and Black Kyanite which again avoids letting negativity consume you. You need to find out which are the ones you want for your business.

You need to find the crystals which are right for you and your business. once you understand each of their characteristics then you can place them throughout your business and watch their magic take over!

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I often think that being in business is a bit like watching ducks swimming in a pond. To the outside world, you see the duck gliding across the water with apparently no effort happening. The reality, however, is much different, underneath the water away from what you can see from the outside, the duck is paddling for dear life.

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