Seventeen Year Old Marketing Agency Creates Lifeline For Small Businesses

24 October 2018 / By Judith

Seventeen years ago when Judith Wright set up Wright Angle Marketing, little did she know that not only would her business survive, but that it would thrive. The failure rate for businesses is 20% in the first year, 30% in the second year and 50% after five years, and finally 30% in their tenth year of business.

Judith believes that a lot of the reason for that is that many people have a skill they wish to share but then don’t necessarily have the skill set needed to run a business. After all if you are great at making pies, or grooming dogs, who helps you to get customers and then once you have them, keep them. Most small businesses can’t necessarily afford to pay someone to carry out these tasks and without support businesses can flounder, as the statistics prove.

With that in mind, Judith and her team at WAM have spent the last two years developing an innovative new resource called Passport 2 Success which offers business owners support, training and a community of likeminded people to help them achieve their goals in business.

Judith’s been there before and knows how difficult it can be for small business owners who are within their first three years of business to expand beyond that great idea. There’s nothing more they want than helping businesses succeed and Passport 2 Success has been created to do just that.

They are so confident that Passport 2 Success will help their clients generate new customers and income that they offer a promise, if after three months of implementing the knowledge they have gained through Passport 2 Success they haven’t seen an increase, the team at WAM will work with them free of charge till they do.

 OCTOBER 17, 2018
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I often think that being in business is a bit like watching ducks swimming in a pond. To the outside world, you see the duck gliding across the water with apparently no effort happening. The reality, however, is much different, underneath the water away from what you can see from the outside, the duck is paddling for dear life.

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