5 top tips for your social media strategy

10 January 2019 / By Judith

Social media is so important today, and it’s not just in your personal lives, but also in your work and business life too. Each day we consume 8 hours of data a day, with almost 3 hours of that through social media! Let’s face it, who doesn’t scroll through their feeds at home.

So if you’re not using social media effectively in your business plan, then you are missing out on so many potential new clients and customers. Here are 5 tips for your social media campaign.

  1. Create a social media calendar

You may already use a content calendar, and that’s fab. It helps to clearly plan out what content goes out and when. But you can add another level to it with your social media calendar. Plan ahead six months at a time for any big events coming up for your business, any product launches, challenges, events etc. By having them planned in so far in advance, you can spend time to create custom graphics and posts for each social media platform.

  1. Follow your competitors and peers in your field

By following what your competitors are posting, you can keep up with the crowd. Don’t rip their content exactly, but you can see if there’s a developing trend within your field, or if your clients are focusing on a particular product that’s new.

Keep in contact with them too, have little interactions over social media; you could comment or even share some of their stuff. Keep it nice though, no one likes negativity on social media sites. You never know when someone could help you, or you could collaborate with. Yes, they are your competitors, but they don’t need to be your enemies.

  1. Let a little bit of fun shine through

Your social media channels allow a little bit more fun to come through. Your website could be all work and no play, but your social can be some work and some play.

It does, however, need to be in keeping with your brand and messaging. If you’re an electrical company, you don’t want to share a Buzzfeed quiz on what kind of dog you should own! That’s just too off the mark. But if you were a dog grooming business, that could be a little bit of fun for your clients.

  1. Link in with trending events

Jump on the trending bandwagon. After all, something is trending for a reason. BUT remember, only if it’s in keeping with your brand and your brand message.

Some examples of good annual trends are #ChristmasJumperDay, #TalkLikeAPirateDay, #WednesdayWisdom and #MayTheFourth (Star Wars day) and they could be fun on your social media.

Plus, there are all the national holidays such as Earth Day, Women’s Day, Cat Day etc. Do your research and find the ones best for your social!

  1. Know Your Audience

Seems obvious, but how often do you check your analytics? Every month you should do a check on your analytics to see how your audience changes. You can find out age range, location and trends, so make sure that your posts are relevant to your audience.

Also by knowing your audience, you’ll learn which platform to focus on. For example, if you have a younger audience, focus more on Instagram and Snapchat.


Try implementing these strategies into your social media channels, and remember to regularly check your analytics and see if your engagement and following is growing. Otherwise, how else do you know if it’s working for you?

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