Why You Need A Reality Board For Your Business

18 March 2019 / By Judith

You hear them called different things. Mood Boards. Dream Boards. Inspiration Boards. Vision Board. I call mine a Reality Board because it’s my reality. A reality I’m imagining, creating and manifesting.

They are great as you can collate all your dreams into one place, and when you look at it, you see them all together in one clear and defined place. There’s something exciting about seeing all your aspirations in one place, and it will encourage you to keep motivated and stay on track. You can programme your mind to attract the things you want in life, this is called the Law of Attraction. If you believe it, then you can achieve it.

The reality board helps keep you on track and away from negative thoughts and beliefs. By creating one, you are reminding yourself of the positive reality you want and are constantly working towards.

You need to make the right one for you, and each reality board is completely personal to you. So take your time with it. It’s a constantly growing entity. It needs to grow, develop and change over time to reflect you and where you are in your life.

Before you create your reality board, you need to think very broadly about what you want. Is it Financial growth? Business success? Happiness? Love? The list goes on. Narrow down what you are going to work towards and what sections you will have on your reality board.

Next, start sourcing! Take to magazines, books, the internet, Google, blogs, shops, your home etc. Find images and quotes which resonate with you and your goals. Make sure they spark something in you, and don’t just go for a generic image which is associated with it. If you have bits on your board which don’t resonate with you, then your board won’t be inspiring to you, and you won’t feel motivated!

Write out your favourite quotes, any affirmations you like. This is when you can unleash your creativity. Include trinkets you have or even any good luck charms you have. This board is a representation of you. So make it as amazing as you can.

Keep your reality board somewhere you will see it often. It can be in your work, office or home, just make sure it will be somewhere you are aware of it. It could be the first thing you see when you walk into work or where you wait for the kettle to boil. It needs to be around you so you can continue to be inspired by it. I can see mine from my desk in the office. It’s not directly in front of me, but to the side, so it may not be directly in my eye line, but it’s in my periphery.

Do leave some gaps. I know it sounds as though it should be full, but by leaving some space on the board it represents the room you need for the growth you’re planning. Plus it means you can add more to your board.

Many celebrities, life coaches and entrepreneurs use reality boards to help them plan and visualise their goals. Singer Katy Perry has shared that in school she created a mood board, and she chose an image of singer Selena with her Golden Globe that she won in 1993. Fifteen years later, Katy Perry herself was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Finally, you have to believe in your reality board. If you create it, put it up, and then never look at it again, then you’re not focusing on your goals and working towards them. You’ll have a vague idea of where you want to be, but nothing definitive. Keep looking at it, keep working towards those goals, and keep believing. When you achieve your goals look back at your reality board. Have you made it into a reality?

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I often think that being in business is a bit like watching ducks swimming in a pond. To the outside world, you see the duck gliding across the water with apparently no effort happening. The reality, however, is much different, underneath the water away from what you can see from the outside, the duck is paddling for dear life.

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