There is life after change!

12 February 2020 / By Judith

It’s funny how they say when one door closes another one opens, and in my experience that is very true.

I think sometimes in life we have to let go of one thing to make space for something new. As I let go of my 18 years of running a marketing agency I realised that there are some elements of what I do that I love more than others. So now I am working on those elements.

I woke up one morning and I had the Essence of You in my head so strongly I picked my pen and paper up from the bedside and wrote it down. I realised this was a perfect name for the work I was going to do.

I am working with businesses on their brand and strategy and helping them to capture the essence of their brand so they can manage its development in a consistent manner. I love this work it makes me feel very alive and connected to what I am meant to do.

The Essence of You also works for the other part of what I am doing which is creating bespoke weddings and funerals. Who would have thought I would end up in this line of work!! Not ME!

But, I suppose when I think about it, the skills I have spent over 20 years honing in Marketing and public speaking are all brought together perfectly. I have spent years listening to a story and then helped to articulate that story.

I think this work is probably the most rewarding I have ever undertaken and, I feel it is a real privilege to work with people at what is an incredibly important emotional time in their lives.

So what now? Well who knows I am enjoying embracing my life and all that unfolds, so watch this space……

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I often think that being in business is a bit like watching ducks swimming in a pond. To the outside world, you see the duck gliding across the water with apparently no effort happening. The reality, however, is much different, underneath the water away from what you can see from the outside, the duck is paddling for dear life.

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